Thursday, August 20, 2009

Facial Magic or Magic Wand Facial ? Hmm....

This is kind of strange. We all hate to see and allow others to see wrinkles around our eyes. Well , in the same time we do hope that some Facial Magic , magic wand facial etc. will solve that problem perfectly in no time .

Hmm, don't get me wrong here but I got disapointed quite few times !!! I really did ! You see , I may be naive but how normal person with no paranormal powers can distinguish bulsh***** from real stuff, for a goodness sake ....? Hundreds and thousands of advertisements of "Facial Magic" products all around us ALL claim to offer ;
1) best possible results,
2) fast and everlasting effects and
3) a prove for all their claims ..... AFTER they take our money off course.

Ehh, my dear who has that much time and money to check them all and see if there is any effective anti wrinkle cream out there ? Well, after several fiasco experiences I faced, I just became lethargic. I gave up .......... almost. 5 weeks ago on the Wall mart Parking space I met my old and very good friend Jenny. Didn't see her few months and there was no way to over see a change on her face ! Yes , she looked younger , happy and with no 44years wrinkle status around her green eyes . After long conversation about newest updates on our families , kids and well ........ few other topics :) I had to ASK her .... (she really looks great now )!!!

Her Answer : I could not believe it. It was in front of my face ALL the time. But no agresive marketing , no big flashy lights around or I don't know what , kept me away from trying it. Maybe even Free Trial they offer was a reason and maybe it's the same with you. But this is why I decided to spread the word out ..... stop paying for crap and HOPING that magic wand facial, facial magic etc. will get the wrinkles out of your face !

3 weeks were enough for me , my husband and my boss to measure effectiveness of Ageless Healthy Skin . Didn't ask for payment , didn't charge my card , ***Free Trial*** in real sense of a word and most importantly - (almost no wrinkles ) ----- Finally !

By the way , this is first time I put up the blog so I hope you can use links . Mike will help me to put the banner advertisement later , I hope . So , thats it for today , hope you like it folks.
O , about that other 2 products: Jenny blossomed from Resveratrol + Ageless . I had no time , just got a Resveratrol trial package ( just to make sure, its free anyway).