Thursday, January 9, 2014

The reasons why Madonna possesses real estate in La Romana.
The reasons why Madonna possesses real estate in La Romana.
The sugar industry is undoubtedly the economical center of the town, but today the tourism industry is significantly more leading to the prosperity in the region. La Romana is an important town in the Dominican Republic, it is one of the largest towns and a town with economical relevance. You'll find the town a 60 minutes eastern of the capital Santo Domingo. Overseas travellers travel to the resorts that line the beaches near La Romana. Many claim the name comes from a vintage kind of machine utilized to weigh up merchandise and called Roman scale. And a few consider the Taino phrase "Borama", the original Indians utilized this term for the stream floating just east of the town.

Traditional the city was a small hamlet in a poor area. However this changed in 1917. A wealthy Cuban family built a sugar mill and established sugarcane plantations. This meant that there was an increasing need for a cheap labor force and a lot of poor Dominicans relocated to La Romana. Currently more then 230.000 people live in La Romana. The sugar mill and the related industries were sold to the Gulf and Western Company in 1965. The company also diversified in tourism with the building of Casa de Campo, a world class resort. With this tourism took off in the area.

From La Romana and Bayahibe ships leave to the isles of Saona and Catalina. Travelers can join one of many trips supplied by local providers. Should you be looking for the authentic Caribbean experience then you need to check out both Catalina and Saona island. The isles are loved by travelers vacationing in Punta Cana, they head to Saona in volumes. In Limon, just east of La Romana you'll be able to make a boat ride on the Rio Chavon, a considerable waterway that runs in the sea at Casa de Campo. The boat trip on the Rio Chavon typically ends up in exclusive eco tourism projects on the banks of the river, well worth visiting!.

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